The Mac Book Mashup Scene- Cassidy Vs HEALTH

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Thanks to the we got a mash up of Cassidy vs HEALTH. Hear it is buy a 40oz,drink up, and represent for the Echo Parque!
Cassidy vs HEALTH 2 Step Glitter Pills Mash Up
Myspace-The Hood Internet

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HEALTH- The Full Length S/T

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

So I have been following these guys since the start. It all started when that asshole bass player John didn’t want to play a show with my old band at Bill’s house in Mid-City. Anyway in this post I am going to review their first Self-titled full length release “HEALTH”. Just being up front I am not posting this because I am their friend, this is just my honest asshole opinion.
The best way to describe this album as said before is My Bloody Valentine meets Steve Albini and gets stuck in Jurassic Park. It’s like nothing you have ever heard before. The album is full of dreamy, but heavy hard hitting rhythmatic songs with the occasional weird noise hear and there. Maybe they sampled a dinosaur or they just made up the sound with the 983472986729837567923865205723048203857 pedals they use. Anyway it’s something great that rock music needed. While everyone out here is caught up with some bullshit gimmick ,scene, disco beat, playing boring subpar music but adding in a chick in the band to excuse the excess suck, having people call themselves DJs when all they know how to do is press play on their macbook and iPods, HEALTH’s album gives LA some serious street cred. Even better it does capture their sound as if they are playing live. After seeing the guys many times and hearing the CD I would say it’s pretty on the ball. All they really needed to do is capture their incredible live sound on CD. They sure as hell did that. My suggestion: buy the CD and see them live. Buy some depends because you may shit in your pants.

Here are two tracks off the new album. Enjoy!

HEALTH myspace

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HEALTH making noise in Los Angeles

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

About a 2 months ago I was trying to put together a show in Downtown Los Angeles. I was working with the infamous commander of Fort Cool and guitar player of Holy Buffaglow, Billy Gray and he recommended I contact this new band called HEALTH. They said they were too busy to play so orginally I said, “EEEFHHH this band!” Anyway I went to see them at Fort Cool the next week, to see what they were all about. They blew everyone’s mind. Then I knew why they were too busy. There is an incredible unsigned band in LA that would play for free, of course everyone is trying to book them. I ran into the bass player a few weeks later at a show at Zamakibo in Downtown LA, we shot the shit, bought burritos, and gold chains off some random dude in the street at 2:00am in downtown LA. Surprisingly they had never been interviewed so last week after a night at the Il Corral in East Hollywood we sat down and had HEALTH’s first interview:

Randall: The name HEALTH, why HEALTH, How did you get that name?

John HEALTH: HEALTH wasn’t the first choice. We came up with a bunch of names we thought were awesome, but they were all taken. Originally we wanted to be called “medicine”, but it was already taken by an LA shoegaze band from the 90s… HEALTH really isn’t a good name, it ends in a soft sound but we figured that if an awesome band was called HEALTH it would be an awesome name when associated.

Randall: Was there a concept to the band before putting it together?

When we first started our sound was totally different. We had, like 6 or 7 songs that were way more traditional, but that we weren’t pleased with. We weren’t sure how we were going to do it but we all felt that we had to drastically change our sound. It started to come together when we wrote Get Color, which was a more conceptual piece, then we wrote Girl Attorney and went off the fucking deep end.

Randall: Los Angeles Community the scene what do you think of it?

Amazing support, amazing people, amazing venues. I mean we go to il Corral every Monday regardless of whose playing, just to hang out. The energy here is totally positive and most of all FUN, which is so awesome because the vibe at Il Corral especially is this totally unpretentious party atmosphere for EXTREMELY experimental music.

Randall: Is that just the east end or what’s your opinion on the Westside?

John HEALTH: Do shows happen on the Westside?? I don’t know. I only go there to go to the beach.

Randall: Do you feel an Image is necessary to make it as a band?

I think image is just part of being a band, another thing that makes bands exciting. A lot of bands like say “fuck the image, maaan” but you’re gonna have one no matter what. I mean you can go really out of the way to portray yourself as unpretentious as possible, but ironically that’s your fucking image. I don’t see anything negative with a band thinking about their image, y’know their aesthetic their sound, artwork etc.

Randall: So what’s up with the Lance Armstrong thing you guys are pulling on stage?


Randall: You know the tank top all that:

John HEALTH: That was just a one time thing. We usually never wear shorts, but it’s just been so fucking hot lately, and it was even hotter when everyone crammed into the Corral. Yeah that was the only time we’ve all worn shorts simultaneously.

And the tank top?

John HEALTH: Dude that tank top’s fucking awesome! But yeah we don’t have this Lance Armstrong work out thing.

I was thinking maybe the HEALTH thing had something to do with it?

No, No Jesus Christ. That would be retarded.

Randall : Which bands do you feel are hot and to watch at the moment locally and worldwide?

John HEALTH: Crystal Castles! Fucking best band! They’re from Toronto. Locally, Captain Ahab, Anavan, Cock In Black, Tik//Tik, Holy Buffaglow, A++, I could go on for a while.

Randall: Plans for the Future?

Were going to record a full length and go on a US tour in October.

is playing next week Monday August 14th at the Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake with the Antarticans. I highly recommend seeing this show it’s FREE

HEALTH: Myspace

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